About the project

The main aim of the Stay in Touch project is a modernization of the teaching offering of 4 universities:

  • Tischner European University (Poland),
  • Athens School of Fine Arts (Greece),
  • Universidad de Castilla – La Mancha (Spain),
  • University of Information Technology and Management (Poland)

by preparing, testing and implementing an innovative programme of training addressed to students and staff of Graphics (and related) studies of a 1st and 2nd cycle in the form of:

  • The International Summer School - the project involves a pilot implementation of a new programme in the form of an intensive Summer School, which will be attended by students from Polish, Greek and Spanish universities. The curriculum will concern socially responsible design. The project will cover two editions of the International Summer School, in which 48 students from all partner universities will take part.

  • The International Teaching Academy (ITA) - the course organized with a view to raising the competencies of teaching staff involved in the project "Stay in touch", especially those who will prepare programmes, educational materials, conduct classes at the International School of Summer and in the future deliver the course "Socially responsible projects" implemented at the university or otherwise substantially promote the development of the project and the course.

  • and preparing a dedicated set of teaching materials (e-learning courses, multimedia lectures, podcasts).

The project will engage not only students and the academic environment of the four universities but also representatives of education, state and local government administration, NGO, media and creative industry experts.